Dedicated Internet Access

Hanson Information Systems can provide Dedicated Internet access via T1 (1.5mbps) or bundled T1(NXt1) to clients nationwide. Partnering with Tier1 telco providers, Hanson has access to 98% of the national telecommunications footprint at local telco pricing. Ask about a bundled service package that includes DNS, Email, and Web hosting package in addition to Internet access.

Enterprise class Fiber Access

For higher Internet bandwidth needs, Hanson can also provide point to point fiber access with speeds up to 10gbps. Service is available state wide given some limitations of the Hanson suppliers. Bundled service packages are available.

Ethernet (EaMIS)

Internet access via Ethernet is dedicated Internet access providing higher speeds often at a lower cost component. EaMIS access is available at 10mbps up to 1gbps. Service is delivered by bringing fiber into a building and giving the end user access to the switch port. This dedicated Internet access can be cost effective if the bandwidth need is higher than that of bundled T1s. EaMIS is easily upgraded as need increases. A bundled service package including DNS, Email, and Web hosting is also available.

Private Line

Hanson can provide private line point to point secured access from 1.5mbps to 10gbps. These private lines are ideal for secure interoffice data transactions such as disaster recovery, VoIP, video conferencing and data replication. Private lines are often preferable for PCI or HIPAA compliancy related data transmission between offices. Services can be configured according to customer need and are guaranteed by a Service Level Agreement.

Multi Protocol Level Switching

Like private lines, Multi Protocol Level Switching(MPLS) circuits provide secured inter office data communication. Using private network transport and VPN technology, this solution is ideal for connection between business branch offices and its headquarters. For guaranteed VoIP and video conferencing, service can be configured with CoS (Class of Service) with Hanson providing the Total Managed Service.

Dark Fiber

For Enterprise level private access, Hanson provides private and secured dark fiber access for multi office connectivity. Speeds range from 10mbps to 10gbps. Private lines are ideal for interoffice data transactions and the preferred method for PCI or HIPAA compliancy data transmission and replication. Bundled service packages are available.

Total Managed Service
  • Proactive circuit management.
  • Opening a trouble ticket with the telco as needed.
  • Router maintenace, including advance hardware replacement in case of failure.
  • Managing the trouble ticket and scheduling dispatch.
  • Configuration and installation of the router.
  • Archival management of configuration changes.
  • Periodic utilization reports.
  • 24X7X365 access to the Hanson technical support group.