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Security Assessments

Hanson’s technical professionals will thoroughly evaluate current systems and data requirements. Assessments analyze areas such as networks, applications, email, endpoint protection, and mobile security; to name a few.

Vulnerability Scans

This process can identify specific security exposures with computer servers, networks and/or communication infrastructures. Proactive measures, such as these can help to prevent costly security issues.

Systems Monitoring

Comprehensive systems monitoring is essential to get an overall view of a network, troubleshoot technical issues, and monitor applications.

Firewall Implementation

A firewall serves as a perimeter protection for IT networks. The installation, configuration and maintenance are important steps to ensure proper security.

System Patching

This area of systems management involves acquiring, testing and installing patches and updates to improve functionality and security.

Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware Software

Keeping up with the latest viruses and malware is next to impossible for most business. Ensuring that current versions of software protections is crucial to avoid infection.

Server Protection Systems

Specialized protection can safeguard critical servers against attacks, while also optimizing system productivity and uptime.

Hosted Email Packages with Encryption

Email data can be properly secured to meet industry regulations and maximize the secure transfer of data. Additionally, email filtering systems can prevent unwanted and malicious information from entering your system.