Hanson Information Systems provides an enterprise grade cloud hosting environment for critical client applications and offsite backup solutions. With a state of the art data center - Hanson can guarantee 99.9% up time and easy accessibility.

Applications such as Microsoft Exchange, database server, and any other third party applications can be hosted at Hanson’s secured data center for faster access without any geographical barrier. Key software systems are kept up to date, available, and managed for performance by our experts, thus reducing an organization’s IT costs. The hosting service provides improved reliability, availability, scalability and security of client IT systems with the client having access to a team of product and technology experts.

Additionally, cloud technology can be utilized for backup systems. In the past, organizations had to select from the cost saving advantages of cloud based backup solutions or the accessibility advantages of locally based backup services. With local cloud backup solutions from Hanson Information Systems, customers can capitalize on the benefits of both of these backup options.

Hanson’s Local Cloud Backup Solution has many advantages for customers, including:

Ease of Access - At Hanson Information Systems, customers have the assurance that their data is not only backed up, but also readily accessible.

Affordability - Hanson understands the budget limitations for small businesses. At Hanson, we realize that it’s important to find a solution that won’t necessarily require a capital expenditure.

Fast Implementation - Deployment of cloud backup is quick and easy. Computer files can be backed up to the cloud automatically and continuously.

Simplicity - Cloud backup solutions make management and restoration of data easy. With minimal maintenance, your data can be retrieved with a few clicks of the mouse.

Location - As a local provider, Hanson Information Systems can easily offer local setup and configuration, as well as quick turnaround for data drops. Hanson can provide onsite technical consultations for strategic planning meetings and/or audits.

Security - Verifications can be required and files are stored using 256-bit AES encryption to keep your business’ most important data safe.

Access from Anywhere - Backup to a cloud based solution means that access to data is available at any time and from anywhere. As long as there is access to the Internet, all files are readily available from a variety of devices.

Scalability - With cloud-based technology, your business can easily increase or decrease the storage capacity as your needs change.

Peace of Mind - Knowing that crucial information for your business is backed up provides peace of mind that records can be easily restored, should there be an outage or disaster. Also with Hanson, you always have the assurance that you can pick up the phone and talk to a person, live and local, who can provide technical expertise for your business needs.

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