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Wyoming Prescription Monitoring Example

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Project Highlights

  • Custom Web Application
  • Advanced Membership
  • Advanced Reporting Features
  • Audit Trails and Logging


The Wyoming State Board of Pharmacy maintains a database of all schedule II, III, and IV drugs dispensed in the state of Wyoming. They came to Hanson looking for a custom web application that would allow staff members, as well as approved pharmacists and prescribers, to search on the prescription database and generate reports. 

The website has an advanced membership section that allows pharmacists and prescribers to register for the site, but accounts must be approved by a Wyoming board member. The site has many security measures such as site-wide SSL, a 15 minute session limit, 2-stage authentication using a captcha, and auto-logoff when the browser window is closed.

Once authenticated, users have access to some very advanced reporting features. Searches can be run on patients, prescribers, and pharmacies. Users can generate reports on individual patients and practioners, drug schedules, prescription totals, and much more. There is also a report that will find patients that have visited a specified number of pharmacies and/or a specified number of prescribers in a user-defined date range. This report then uses google maps to plot all of the locations.

Members of the Wyoming Board of Pharmacy can monitor the usage of the website through a site log. All actions, including failed logins, on the site are recorded in a database which Wyoming staff members can use to search and run reports.