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SIU Healthcare Example

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Project Highlights

  • Redesign
  • Expand administrative functionality
  • Provider Directory
  • PDF Generation
  • Google Maps Integration


The SIU Healthcare website was redesigned from the ground up to include new functionality and easier and more intuitive management tools.  Administrators have the ability to manage each Provider and upload, crop, and resize provider photos.  Clinic locations are also managed from an administrative section, and each clinic automatically generates its own GPS location to integrate with Google Maps.  The provider directory includes custom search functionality, and each search can be saved and sent to patients to provide accurate and helpful information on various providers. 

Patients can schedule appointments online, and providers can request referrals.  These online forms are submitted to the administrative section of the website and are managed by an SIU HealthCare team.  The main administrator has the ability to assign roles to other admins, and as a result, the head admin can limit the abilities of other employee accounts.

This website is always evolving to increase functionality and provide new features.