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  • New design
  • concrete5 CMS
  • Responsive (mobile-friendly)
  • Custom concrete5 blocks
  • Stripe integration for donations


Dove was originally using Frontpage to make edits to their website and were looking for something that was much easier to use and did not require any special software. After a quick demonstration of the concrete5 content management system, they decided they were ready to make the transition to a CMS.

Concrete5 proved to be a perfect fit for Dove. The in-context editing was extremely easy for the site editors to use and also provided an extensible framework for our developers to build off of. We created custom concrete5 blocks for their project page and employment opportunities, and also created custom dashboard pages for their staff members and donation settings.

Since we were going to be migrating their whole website into a CMS, they decided it was also time for a design update. For the new site we went with a purple/white/black color scheme and made the entire site responsive so that it is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. We also integrated Dove's social media, including their twitter account, blog, and google calendar, into the new site.

Dove was originally accepting donations through PayPal which required users to be directed off their website and sent to the PayPal site. On the new website we wanted to keep users on the site during the donation process, so we switched to the Stripe payment gateway. This allows us to have the donation form on the Dove website, while utilizing Stripes security features and maintaining PCI compliance.