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Click the above image and think about what you see. Sure, the word "Security" is sitting right there in front of you, but what about the vault itself?

The door has some text describing various features. There are bars in the doorway itself. A vault is a safe place to store things you don't plan to use, but what about the things you do use on a daily basis?

In our modern, hyper-connected world, there are more things available to us than ever with the simple click of a mouse, but that means our vulnerability is more available to malicious actors than ever.

Does your business have a solid investment in IT security? If so, congratulations - the best offense in the IT world is a strong defense. If you don't, that's okay. It's never too early to start mitigating the risk. It can be too late, however. Don't let it be for your business. Call Hanson today for a complimentary IT Security systems test.

Petya Ransomware Attack

On June 27th, numerous reports from across the globe detailed eerily similar computer malfunctions. Another ransomware attack had occurred, utilizing much of the same tactics of he WannaCry attack back in April. Except that this so-called Petya attack didn't have a kill switch built into it like its predecessor did.

So why were so many major firms hit and unable to do anything? The resounding consensus appears to be "because WannaCry was nipped in the bud so quickly." Rather than patch known security loopholes, the majority of firms decided it was a "better" idea to just continue business as normal. Now they are paying the price. More from the BBC.
More Hacking in the News
Despite the enormous warning that the WannaCry ransomware attack provided, it seems to be falling upon deaf ears.

In April, the University of Southern Oregon deposited $1.9 million into an account they believed to be connected to a construction firm it had hired to work on its campus. When the firm reached out to ask about a missed payment, the University realized what had happened, but it was too late.

While the FBI is investigating the attack, it seems that simple social engineering was at play yet again. A doctored, fraudulent email was opened and was enough for the malicious entity to gain access to a wealth of funds.

How many emails does your organization receive and open on a daily basis? How certain are your team members of the veracity of each of those emails? The rule of thumb remains: if there is any doubt, throw it out. 

At Hanson: Hanson Information Systems is an industry leader in IT security solutions for business. Call us today to speak with a system administrator to learn more.

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"3 Ways to Plan for the Very Long Term"

We live in an age of inter-connectivity, yet we continue to fall prey to the same problems. Technologies come and go, yet despite the ease at which we can communicate through them, we seem to be drifting apart. We aren't focused on our long game any more.

Ari Wallach, founder of Synthesis Corp., is interested in changing that. In his TedxMidAtlantic seminar, he describes a very interesting view in three points of how and why we need to stop focusing on the short term thinking we are used to (6 months +) and start to consider the long term plan (10-30 years).

It is a satisfying and humorous 14 minute video that I can't recommend enough. Click here to watch the whole video.


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