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Security is a weighty subject, and one that looms large in our daily considerations as consumers in the electronically connected world. 
So with that in mind, it should be safe to assume that security breaches like phishing attempts are rarely if ever successful, right? Unfortunately, 1 in 3 people were found to fall for phishing attempts in their place of work. 

Sadly, our data is not just under attack at the hardwired locations of servers and desktop machines. A new white paper was released noting no less that 10 possible attacks to LTE 4G wireless networks. 

At Hanson, we value security. Privacy and data security are at the forefront of our clients' concerns, and from penetration testing, to social engineering testing, Hanson is the local leader for all your information security needs. Looking to get your organization's security measures tightened up? Call us today. 

"Memcrached" DDoS

Sometimes when writing new editions of Hanson Headlines, great content comes out the day after we send. This article is one of those cases, so when you read this, it may be old(er) news, but that doesn't mean you should skip reading.

Security is always at the forefront of our focus at Hanson, and for good reason: compromised systems, networks, hardware, and websites don't work, and when things don't work, nobody is happy. DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks are common methods of attacking websites and servers in general. What they do is flood the site or server with requests barring others from accessing.

Memchache is a performance tool commonly seen on many systems. What people are now doing is corrupting this tool to overload servers and websites to... Read more from ZDNet.

Off Topic

Artist Uses Robots to Draw

If that title sounds like it was pulled from an article in The Onion, consider this more detailed summary: visual artist Patrick Tresset felt stagnated in his drawings, so to breathe new life and humanity into his art, he turned to robots. Sounds surreal, doesn't it?

Tresset has designed and programmed a number of drawing robots that are able to craft multiple portraits of a subject at the same time. 

But there is a surprising life and humanity in these drawings, despite being robotically crafted. Take a look with this short video from Mashable.


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"Memcrached" DDoS

Off Topic - Artist Uses Robots to Draw

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