Familiarity ≠ Reliability: How Old Equipment Can Hurt Business
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Let's take a moment to talk about the hardware your organization utilizes on a daily basis. How old is that equipment - less than three years old? Is it older than five years? If the answer to the question of age is yes to being older than five years, your organization may unknowingly be at risk.

I spoke at length about this subject with Brian Boatman, one of Hanson's Senior Systems Administrators. For more on what he has to say on the subject, read the full interview.

Are you concerned your network might have some tired equipment? Call us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our systems administrators.

Keeping Hardware Up to Date

A computer, whether it's a server or a desktop workstation, is a complex network of parts, both physical and digital. The various components that make this system work will all at some point require updates.

What a lot of people don't understand, is that when you fail to update hardware drivers, operating systems, or third-party applications, you not only open yourself to a security risk from using old software, but also the risk of physical failure.

Curious about whether your machine is compliant? For Windows users, see this helpful guide from How To Geek.

Off Topic

A Delightful Way to Teach Children About Computers

There's a growing concern that the United States of America is falling behind other nations in our ability to stay ahead of the technology curve.

From established nations to developing ones, young people around the globe are taking up the call to become experts in information technology.

So what then is the United States left to do? According to Linda Liukas, teaching technology and getting children interested in it has a lot to do with play.

Curious to learn more? Take a few minutes to hear about how play and tech go together in this TEDx Talk video.


#InfoSec "Fast Five"

#InfoSec is short for "internet security," but these articles have more of a general technology focus. For more articles like the "Fast Five," follow us on Facebook or Twitter!

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Familiarity ≠ Reliability

Keeping Hardware Up To Date

Off Topic - A Delightful Way to Teach Children About Computers

#InfoSec "Fast Five"

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