New Email Feature: Timed Autoresponders

Today we are happy to announce a new feature to the HIS email administration site that will allow you to set a timer to automatically enable your email autoresponder.

If you log in to the HIS email administration site at and click the "Autoresponse Settings" tab on the left you will notice there is now a field labelled "Begins" under the "From" field.


Clicking this field will open a small calendar that will allow you to choose a date and time. The date and time you choose here will be when your autoresponder is automatically enabled. This feature allows you to set up your autoresponse ahead of time so that you can continue to use your email as normal until the date you are actually away from your mail.

Important notes about the Begin and Expires fields

  • When using the calendar widget, you will first select the date, then the hour, and finally the minute. The minutes are in 5 minute intervals; however, you can manually change the minute by clicking in the textbox and typing a new value.
  • The calendar widget uses a 12-hour format when you are selecting the time; however, when you select the time it will be displayed in the 24-hour format in the textbox.
  • If you enter a date in the "Begins" field, do not check the box that says "Autoresponse Enabled." Checking this box will override the Begin date and immediately enable your autoresponse.
  • If you wish to immediately enable your autoresponse you can leave the "Begins" field blank and check the "Autoresponse Enabled" box.

For a full tutorial of the email adminstration site please visit

As always, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us.