IT Security in the Wake of WannaCry
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As the dust settles on the recent WannaCry ransomware attack, people will point fingers and excuses will be made, but an organization’s security comes down to whether or not it is compliant with best practices laid out by IT security professionals around the world. So to learn more about what "best practices" really are and what businesses can do, we spoke with Hanson Information Systems senior Systems Administrator Chris Ratcliffe.

"Hanson Headlines: Hey Chris, thanks for taking the time to talk with me today about IT Security. When you or any other Systems Administrators sit down for an initial consultation, what is the most common question you raise to them about security?

Chris Ratcliffe: Are you trying to keep your computers and networks secure? Really protecting your IT systems? All too often individuals and companies are securing their IT equivalent of the Crown Jewels with the software version of a combination lock. And once your insecure computer or network is compromised..."

Read the full interview here.
Malware? Virus? Phishing?
When discussing the various types of infection common to computers, terms like malware, virus, trojan, and others are commonly used, often interchangeably.

While all of these programs are intended to cause some sort of harm to the end user, they all work in various ways and to varying degrees of success.

However, all it takes is a simple mistake, one click on a fraudulent link in an email, to expose and infect your machine or even your entire network to chaos and havoc by any one of these programs.

For a thorough breakdown of the differences between certain types of malware and their various functions and intended purposes, check out this article from Comodo Security Solutions.

At Hanson: Hanson Information Systems is an industry leader in IT security solutions for business. Call us today to speak with a system administrator to learn more.

"On" Topic

A client forwarded this email: While she "uses WhatsApp to talk to family overseas," she was sharp enough to notice the odd email address as well as a few other "quirks." This is a real life phishing email.

This is exactly how the spammers try to get items through the filters. They find a method/format that will work temporarily and push messages that a few recipients might think are real for reasons such as those above. Stay vigilant online, friends.

*Note - this is a 100% real and local example of a phishing email.


2017 Decatur Chamber of Commerce Business Expo

We had the privilege to present a display at the 2017 Decatur Chamber of Commerce's Business Expo, held at the Decatur Civic Center. We were fortunate to meet many new people, as well as spend time visiting with existing clients.

View from Hanson's booth

At the Expo, Hanson offered a 2TB Seagate external hard drive as a giveaway prize for stopping by and seeing us at our booth. The winner of the hard drive was Barbara Blakey, of Dove Inc. in Decatur. Barbara is the Director of volunteers and community outreach at Dove. Enjoy, Barb!
Barb being given the hard drive by Hanson Client Communication Specialist Colin Helton


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