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Data Privacy Day

Chances are that at some point, somebody has viewed what you were seeing on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone if you've been browsing or working in a public place. While most chance viewings like these are simply that, chance, not all are. What can you do to protect your private or personal data from these so-called visual hackers?

January 28 was Data Privacy Day around the world, and many of the biggest companies in the tech industry have been sharing some of their ideas about how to keep your information safe. Just two examples, Microsoft and 3M have outstanding infographics on data privacy and visual hacking.

Interested in Data Privacy Day? You can read more here in this article from Bloomberg.

February 7 was Safer Internet Day across the world, with resources aimed at educating people on the safest ways to use this massively powerful tool we all use and sometimes tend to take for granted. 

At Hanson: The best way to stay safe on the internet is to have a plan. Security doesn't have to be complicated to be effective. Our dedicated servers minimize the risk of falling victim to a data breach. Call us today to learn more.
The Ransomware of Things
Technology that was once large and immobile has now become tiny and highly mobile. No surprise then that highly powerful computer systems are inside everything these days, from cars to television sets, even the system controlling your central air in your home.

So it should come as no surprise that these connected computers, collectively called the Internet of Things, is susceptible to hacking. Don't believe me? Read more below from We Live Security as they detail just how the security of the IoT can fall prey to ransomware and other viruses and malware.

At Hanson: The best way to stay protected is by utilizing a number of safety measures, including off-site backup. Our dedicated servers minimize the risk of falling victim to a data breach. Call us today to learn more.
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