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Suspicious Emails:

What Happens When You Take the Bait?

There are many "hooks" for email scams... package deliveries from UPS, domain name renewals, unclaimed insurance bonds, diamond-encrusted safe deposit boxes, or a close friend marooned in a foreign country - just to name a few. They pop up in our inboxes and the standard (and wise) procedure is to delete on sight. But do you ever wonder what would happen if you replied?  

Follow along as a recent TED Talk shares the tale of writer and comedian James Veitch's hilarious, week-long exchange with a spammer who offered to cut him in on a "hot deal".


Common Email Mistakes

Recent studies show that the average office worker spends 28 percent of their workweek managing email.

One reason is that unnecessary email is clogging inboxes, making it hard to focus on the emails that actually need (and deserve) our attention.

Here is a list of some common email mistakes:
  1. Not using filters – tools are available to help prioritize the importance of an email
  2. Using your inbox as an archive – this affects focus and productivity of email tasks
  3. Looking at the same emails time after time – if action cannot be taken immediately, move the message out of the inbox and set a reminder
  4. Getting drawn in for too long – schedule set times for checking and responding to email to avoid losing track of time spent
  5. Unnecessary emailing- consider the value of collaboration tools or even a quick phone call
  6. Including images in a signature – graphics and logos that are unnecssary can take up valuable bandwidth
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Hanson's Hosted Exchange

If you’re looking for a more efficient email solution, Hanson Information Systems’ Hosted Exchange offers an integrated email package to increase the data accessibility and productivity of users.

Hosted Exchange from Hanson provides a business with IT tools for a busy staff to easily manage and share information.  Additionally, Hosted Exchange can provide an organization with reliable, functional and secure information – anytime, from any type of device.

Hanson offers Basic and Standard Email Packages, as well as Enterprise Exchange Accounts with enhanced functionality including encryption. Both packages offer high-end communication tools with 99.9% availability and around the clock monitoring by Hanson’s team of IT professionals.

Pricing for packages are competitive and allows customers to lower expenses by avoiding costly license fees and through the utilization of Hanson’s hardware, infrastructure and personnel.

For more information on Hanson’s Hosted Exchange click here or contact Hanson at 1-888-245-8468 or email at info@hansoninfosys.com.


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