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We talk a lot here at Hanson Headlines about security. We sometimes talk about websites, too. So it should come as no surprise that we'd eventually talk about the security of your website.
When you own and operate a small business, it's easy to think that being in such a small market in your small corner of the big world that nobody would want to spend time and effort trying to attack your site. 

This assumption is categorically wrong. "According to the web security company Imperva, half of all website visitors are bots. Of those, approximately 29 percent of all your "visitors" are there to attack your site."

Read more at ZDNet.

At Hanson, we specialize in website design and development just as much as in IT security. Whether it's secure backend design or fortifying an existing site, Hanson has you covered. Call us today to talk to our developers or system administrators about your website's security needs. 

Intel's Processor of the Future

Intel's Loihi Neuromorphic Processor
Last month we all were blindsided by the revelation that since the 1990's, every single processor that has made its way into a computer of any kind was fundamentally flawed. To make matters worse, those flaws could result in major hacking and data breaches, with only software patches to really mitigate the problem.

Enter neuromorphic processing. While the idea seems to have been around at least as long as the flawed processors, Intel has gotten on board with the idea and had their own model on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. Neuromorphic processing works more like the human brain than do current processors, utilizing a thousandth of the power of current processors. Still, this and their recently announce quantum processors aren't quite ready for market and probably won't be for a few years.

Read more from MIT Technology Review.

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5 Exercises in 5 Minutes to Reverse the Damage of Sitting at Your Desk All Day

It's February - most people are probably beginning to relax a bit on their New Year exercise resolutions. Well here is one that benefits all manner of working stiffs (pun intended).

As we can all attest, sitting in a chair at a desk and typing into a computer all day can wreak havoc on our backs. But the good news is that there are five simple exercises we should all start doing to reverse those issues, and even better, they can be done in just five minutes. 

Is your back hurting? Read more from Physical Living.


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Intel's Processor of the Future

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