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With the rise in cyber crime continuing in 2017, there has never been a better time for smarter and safer passwords. Here are some common-sense do's and don't's for staying secure online.

First, the length of the password is crucial: a shorter password is easier to guess and easier for computers to crack. Simple tricks like replacing an "O" with a zero doesn't necessarily make your password any more secure. Computers can solve those puzzles in no time.

Also, if you're using one of the 25 most common passwords, stop reading this and change it. We can wait. Done? Okay. A good password will be difficult for a computer to crack and difficult for a person to guess: to stump a computer, the key is length and eight characters is a good minimum. 

To stump a human, avoid using part of your real name, family member names, birthdays, email addresses, usernames, or the website’s name, etc. Also, avoid the aforementioned commonly used password list, and try to use a different password for each website or service you use.

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Password Managers: Friend or Foe?

"I admit it: Like most people, I’m terrible at passwords. Too often I use too-simple passwords, and I don’t always come up with a new one for every site and service I log into. Then, when I do come up with a strong, unique password, I often forget it entirely and have to request an email to reset it—typically to something either too easy to guess or something I’ll instantly forget again.

That’s why password managers exist. They’re designed to let you enter a single, secure password in one place and then generate new, strong passwords for every application where you need one

Read more from about password managers from Network World.

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Passwords from the Onion

Ensuring password security is serious business. But for a little comic relief, check out this article from the Onion. Just make sure you are between sips of coffee! 


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The Secret of Successful Common-Sense Passwords

Password Managers - Friend or Foe?

Off Topic - Passwords from the Onion

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