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Every year, new technology is released to the public and as a result, each garners different reactions. People embraced the internet of things when the concept widely hit market, but with products like Siri and Alexa constantly listening, the enthusiasm has seemed to wane.
In information technology, sweeping technological changes tend to take more time to become widespread. This can be a blessing or a curse - just think about the Intel microprocessor security flaw and how long it took to discover.

At Hanson, we pride ourselves in knowledge of our industry and we stay up to date on all the latest trends. From hardware and software, to security updates and the latest trends in web technology, the staff at Hanson stays on the cutting edge, keeping our clients in the know. Whatever your needs may be, the staff at Hanson can handle it. Call us today. 

10 Breakthrough Technologies 2018

While it's only just barely March, MIT Technology review has gone ahead and released their list of ten breakthrough technologies of 2018. It's a really interesting list. 

Artificial intelligence and competing neural networks are there, along with a few others, but I won't spoil the entire list. 

Take a few minutes and read it for yourself. The wave of the future is here, and according to MIT, has been for awhile.

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Major Retailers to Stop Selling Compact Discs

Citing the steadily inclining sales revenue from digital streaming services as well as the somewhat unexpected resurgence of vinyl records, Best Buy and other brick and mortar retailers will stop selling CD's at their stores.

In what seems to be shaping up as another head-butting match between major record companies and retailers, the charge is being led by Target Corporation and their demands of restructuring how they hold the physical copies. 

Would you miss CD's if big box retailers dropped them as in-store merchandise? Read more from Billboard.


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10 Breakthrough Technologies 2018

Off Topic - CD's No Longer for Sale?

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