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Have you ever needed to share a document with a co-worker and discovered it was too big to send through your email? Or maybe a client has needed to share files with you for a large project, but collecting the media proves to be a logistical nightmare?
At Hanson Information Systems, we have experienced these problems and many like them on a first-hand basis. So we developed a solution.

Hanson Cloud Drive is the newest collaborative tool, allowing large capacity for storing, as well as customized control over folders and access. Interested in Hanson Cloud Drive for your business? Call us today!
Introducing Hanson Information Systems' Cloud Drive collaboration service - the premier way to share files and collaborate for your business, from a local name you can trust!

New Hanson Service Vehicles

If you've had a service call from Hanson in the past few weeks, you may have noticed our Rav4 service vehicles got a face lift! Keep an eye peeled for these new vehicles!


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FDA Approves Photochromic Contact Lenses

We all know somebody who uses Transitions eyeglasses, right? You know the ones - inside they are transparent like typical eyeglasses, but outside they "transition" into sunglasses. A convenient solution, certainly.

But what about people who suffer from vision problems, but prefer wearing contact lenses? Good news: the FDA has just approved contact lenses, and they should be available to purchase by 2019. 

So have no more reluctance to enjoying outdoor activities without packing your sunglasses, contact lens wearers! Read more about photochromic contact lenses from Interesting Engineering.


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New Product - Hanson Cloud Drive

New Hanson Service Vehicles

Off Topic - Photochromic Contact Lenses

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