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Beginning in 2013, the United States Army began studying the interaction of human beings within the greater framework of an automated workforce. The purpose: to find the best place that we fit within that framework.

"Generally, humans readily adapt to varying task and environmental complexities during decision making and therefore are often treated as a fail-safe for cases where autonomous technology under-performs. However, humans are constantly changing due to factors such as fatigue or shifts in attention...making the problem of integrating humans in the loop with autonomous technologies extremely challenging," said Dr. Amar Marathe, one of the project's researchers.

Read more about the Privileged Sensing Framework program here.

Social Engineering - An Ever-changing Problem

The myth of Coca-Cola's secret formula being so valuable that only two men know it makes for a good publicity campaign, but the premise exists for a reason: can people be trusted? Trust is one of the feelings that separate humans from other animals, but it is also responsible for many issues.

From a technological and information security standpoint, human's ability and reliance on trust can lead to the complete breakdown of privacy and security as this article from Mashable details. 

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What is Your Attention Worth?

We are living in a golden age of technology. Seriously, who would have ever thought that Nikola Tesla's seemingly science fiction prediction of individuals carrying telephones in their pockets would come to pass, and in such a powerful way?

While we have the incredible potential for knowledge and wisdom at our fingertips, it seems as though our attention is often diverted for less than lofty reasons. Social media. e-Commerce websites. And while the ability to buy things online or communicate with a friend across the globe is an incredible thing to have, it would seem we are losing the pulse of the power these devices hold for human growth.

Tristan Harris wants to change that.  In a recent Ted Talks seminar, Harris, who was once an ethical engineer for a large tech firm, describes the way we have grown to be hostages to our devices and living in a sort of Stockholm Syndrome of technology loop. Are you curious about breaking the spell of our smart devices? 

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Lessening Medical Isolation with Robots

When someone gets really sick and is hospitalized, doctors will often isolate them to boost their chances of recovery. While adults are fairly well-equipped to handle this separation from society, children sadly are not.

However, a Norwegian tech startup is looking to change that with a small, white robot. No Isolation is introducing the cute automaton, dubbed AV1, throughout Europe presently to aid children and young people who are hospitalized with chronic or debilitating illnesses continue their studies, but more importantly, not miss out on the vital social lives they put on pause. Read more from The Guardian.


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Social Engineering - An Ever-changing Problem

What is Your Attention Worth?

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Lessening Medical Isolation with Robots

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