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Last month, we talked about offsite backup and cloud computing. The heart and brain of either of those two systems is data colocation, but what exactly is colocation?

Data colocation is a solution for businesses that have a need to host their data in a data center, but either can't afford or don't have the physical space to have their own center on site.

Perhaps the best part of data colocation is the inherent flexibility it affords. Businesses large and small can benefit from having a data colocation plan in place. Interested in setting up colocation for your business? Call Hanson Information Systems today to discuss how our state-of-the-art data center can work for you.

Why Security Audits for Business Matter

Every component in your business' network acts as a link in a chain. If one component, small or large, is compromised, the chain could break.

IT security audits serve as the way to check your total system, top to bottom, to isolate any existing or possible vulnerabilities. At Hanson, we have the experience to know what to look for and have performed security auditing for clients in the financial sector, gaming, healthcare, and more.

To learn more about security audits, check out this article from Tripwire. Ready to get to the bottom of your security? Call Hanson today to speak to one of our skilled systems administrators.

Off Topic
Google Apps No Longer Native on Android in EU

In what is being seen as a major turning of the tide, the European Commission has determined it is unlawful for makers of Android mobile phones to ship phones without Google Apps built in.

Being that Android is a Google product, this is a huge deal. Imagine purchasing an iPhone and not having iTunes or Apple Music on the device. 

Read more about the European Commission's lawsuit and ruling against Google here, from the Verge.

#InfoSec "Fast Five"

#InfoSec is short for "internet security," but these articles have more of a general technology focus. For more articles like the "Fast Five," follow us on Facebook or Twitter!

  1. UnicornBot Will Enchant Kids Into Learning STEM and Coding, via IEEE Spectrum.
  2. The RAND Tablet: iPad Predecessor, via RandReview.
  3. German Satellites Sense Earth's Lumps and Bumps, via BBC News.
  4. World's Fastest Camera Shoots at 10 Trillion Frames Per Second, via TechSpot.
  5. The Lost Art of Concentration: Being Distracted in a Digital World, via The Guardian.


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#InfoSec "Fast Five"

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