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Technological advancements are commonplace these days. In fact, it seems that at their current rate, we become impatient waiting for the newest gadget or app. Why then is it that security always seems to be playing "catch-up" to the advancements? 

The most recent casualties to the susceptibility to hacking of the Internet of Things have been the healthcare and financial sectors. As hackers become more sophisticated, they work diligently to not just attack individuals but entire organizations.

Despite the requirement under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act that hospitals must make meaningful use of electronic records by 2014, there was no accompanying security to protect records. What has happened? Hackers have ransomed hospitals, not solely for their patient information, but even to the extent of locking doctors and nurses out of using equipment until their fees were paid. Read more about healthcare security here.

Unfortunately, financial institutions haven't fared much better. The most recent trend in cyber threats to banks is the most unsettling - fileless, memory-based malware. How does this work? By utilizing and adapting existing software like Meterpeter and PowerShell scripts, the attackers can harvest information inside a server, relaying it back to them and ultimately giving them total remote access. Read more on the recent rash of attacks here.

At Hanson: Hanson Information Systems is a local leader in custom security plans for the banking and healthcare industries that are fully compliant. Taking a ground-up approach allows us the insight to craft security plans. Call us today to speak with a technician and learn more.

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Ghosts in the Machine

A top physicist has come out against the idea of ghosts or spirits, claiming that "if ghosts existed, then they should be able to interact with the existing particles of the standard model, at the energy scales that life occurs at." By utilizing technology like the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland, we should be able to "see ghosts" interacting with existing particles.

But is it really that simple? Read more on this entertaining subject from Gizmodo.


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Cyber Security Plans Are a Must Have

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