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Restrictions on content hosted online could see massive rise soon, as a result of a measure that passed the European Union's Parliament on June 20. 
The legislation, titled Article 13, would put the responsibility of enforcing copyright laws onto individual websites. Most individuals involved see the need for content reviewing systems that would be put in place by websites which would run automatically.  

Opponents of the article, however, fear that such restrictions would stifle the open nature of the internet, leading to vast censorship. Among their ranks are included tech leaders such as Tim Berners-Lee, who called the new law  "an imminent threat to the future" of the internet.

Read more from the BBC.

Mobile Technology Use

It's summertime, and for most, that means cook-outs, times spent by the pool, and taking time to enjoy a good book or the later sunsets. But we're creatures of habit, so with that in mind, Hanson Headlines presents two opposing viewpoints on the idea of overuse of technology and screen time.

Apple has released new features in its iOS that are supposed to stave off technology addiction. CEO Tim Cook has even said he doesn't want children using smartphones and tablets too much.

And then consider this op-ed from Undark.org which compares the dopamine release triggered by smartphone and tablet usage with other pleasurable activities. 

Ultimately, we can't look to studies or op-eds to tell us what's best for our own mental health, only we can do that.

Off Topic
William Shatner: the Face of Bitcoin Mining

The confluence of technology and celebrity has long been fodder for interesting reading. The rate of development for technology has spurned on some surreal concepts of late.

According to the Chicago Tribune, William Shatner is now the spokesman for a bitcoin mining company. Blockchain is relatively new but has been around long enough to garner attention from celebrities. The strange part? The company's mining facility is located in Murphysboro, IL, and will run entirely on solar energy. 

Want to take in a big drink of 21st century post-modern surrealist reality? Read more from the Chicago Tribune.


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