Driver Updater Emails

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Hello, everybody. I hope everyone had fulfilling and restful weekends. I wanted to take a moment to share some information with you, as we have had a lot of questions about this topic from clients, and it seemed like a good time to clear up some confusion. The topic today is drivers and Driver Updater emails. So let's dig in!

First of all, what exactly are drivers and why does your computer need them? Drivers are a type of software that communicates with a specific piece of hardware and the operating system of your machine. Your printer, your speakers, or even the microphone headset you use for conference calls with your remotely located co-workers all use drivers.

Sometimes your hardware will stop working the way it's supposed to - the solution is often to check and reinstall your drivers manually. But most of the time, driver updates only occur if there was an error present in the software.

So what about these Driver Updater emails? According to Malware Bytes, a software company the develops its programs to protect against malware, Driver Updater emails amount to "snake oil."

When a company partners with another company to "bundle" their programs together, often times unnecessary and even malicious software programs make their way into the package you download to your machine. So while Adobe may not intend to infect your computer with malware, they company they bundle their driver updates with may not be so pious, causing an infection.

It's a pretty fascinating concept, but I'll leave it to the professionals to explain. Read more about this topic from Malware Bytes. That's all I have for today. Stay diligent online, friends.