Administering Your Email Account

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Hanson Information Systems now allows you to manage many of the settings of your email account yourself. You can access the email administration website at You just need to log in with your email address and password.

Once you are logged in, you can change your password, whitelist/blacklist by email and set your auto-responder.

How to use the white/blacklisting areas.

This is where you add addresses and domains when you want to change the way the filter handles them.  Here is how to add them.

  1. Choose Whitelist or Blacklist from the first dropdown.
  2. In the next dropdown you can choose from, subject line, or body of message or anywhere in the message.  Normally it’s just done by email address. However, if you know that every message you receive with a certain subject line is good or bad, you can change the way it’s handled. For example, if you work at a bank, you may want to whitelist the words mortgage, rate, score or other banking related subject lines. If your company has nothing to do with banking related topics, you might consider blacklisting those.
  3. Finally, enter the email address or email address pattern that you would like to whitelist or blacklist.

Adding email addresses examples  - Adds just that address

*  - Adds every address at that domain. Useful if you know that everything from that company will be something you need. If you whitelist a domain of a major ISP such as Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, you might get an increase in spam.

*  - Adds every address at that domain if they use sub-domains. An example would be Had you added it as in example 2, this address would be unaffected because of the “mail.” part of the address.

Adding your own email address or company domain - You can do this but you may need to experiment if it works for you. Many junk emails come “From” you “To” you. It’s a common trick of spammers to get messages through filters. Blacklisting yourself will send all of these to spam. Whitelisting yourself or your company’s domain could greatly increase the amount of junk you receive but it’s something you can try.

Auto Response Settings

Enabling the autoresponder on your account allows you to return a default message when other people send email messages to your account. This is also often called an "out-of-office response."

Response field – Type exactly what you want the message to say.

From – if you want it to come “From” a different address other than your username.

Expires – the date you want it to come off. It will turn off around 4:00AM of the date you choose. So you’ll want to set it to the day you’re coming back.

BE SURE TO CHECK “Auto response Enabled” at the bottom. It will not turn on unless this is checked. 

BE SURE TO CLICK “Save Changes” button at the bottom. It will not turn on unless this is checked.


Spam Assassin Settings

Use the “Required Hits” slider to adjust the strength of the filter. The higher the number, the less it filters.  3.8 is default.  (You can whitelist in this section but we prefer you use the previous area.)

The filters work by keywords, style and other underlying items in a message. Each item is assigned a score. Once it reaches the score you set, it’s moved to spam. A very simple example:

Message comes from foreign IP – 1.8

Message contains all caps - 1

Message contains words “click here” - .5

Message contains words credit – 1.0

Message refers to personal information – 1.0

Score:  5.3


If you have further questions, please contact us, we’ll be glad to help you learn the new system.


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