Illinois Public Health Association
Illinois Public Health Association Example

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Project Highlights

  • Custom CMS
  • E-commerce
  • Event Calendar
  • Membership Management 
  • Online Donations
  • Email Blasts


The Illinois Public Health Association website provides a platform for IPHA members and Affiliates to keep up with the programs and events that IPHA offers.  In order to manage website content, IPHA requested a custom management system which will allow administrators to create events and options, manage membership and registrants, and maintain and update site content. 

IPHA has the ability to dynamically create events which automatically post to the IPHA Events calendar in addition to the homepage.  When events are created, administrators have the ability to create a completely custom registration form from scratch.  They can assign cost options as well as designate required questions which ensure certain questions are always answered.

The functionality of the IPHA website provides administrators with the necessary tools to offer their membership functionality and benefits, as well as create useful events and registration forms.